Kris Jenner cut off Kylie Jenner financially when she was younger?

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Kylie Jenner has been making money ever since she was just a teenager. But when she declared how she was financially cut off by her mother, …


An Open Letter To Kate Middleton’s Hair

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Dear Kate Middleton’s Hair, I know it’s kind of awkward to write you a letter, because, well, you’re hair and I’m not even sure that you …

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8 Real Fears We Have About Anal Sex

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Guys, we know how excited you would be if we were as enthusiastic about entering through the back door as you are . Sometimes you mention …

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16 Celebs Dish On When And How They Lost Their V-Card

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Will Ferrell It took Will Ferrell 21 years of making jokes as an excuse to talk to girls before one finally deflowered him. He told Rolling …


17 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do In Her Own Home

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As we wrap up Every Woman Needs month here at The Frisky, let’s talk about some of the most basic — and often overlooked — things …


Who hates Meghan Markle more?

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Anyone who has been acquainted with Meghan’s life and career is aware that her family is, let’s put it mildly, a troublesome one. We need to …


iPhone (1st generation) Full Information

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The first generation of Apple`s iPhone is a combination of iPod, mobile phone, Internet communications, and much more functionalities. This was the first introduction of a …


How to Buy the Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw for Your DIY Project

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If you’ve ever been to a shop class or watched Home Improvement growing up, then you’ve definitely seen a compound miter saw. Used primarily for cutting …

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Most Accurate Digital Body Fat Scale Buying Guide & Review

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Most body transformation programs place a lot of emphasis on weight loss as their top priority. In and of itself, however, weight loss does not guarantee …


Mind Of Man: Why You’re Not Married


The reason you’re not married yet is because I don’t really care why you’re not married and no one else does, either. Seriously, nobody cares. You …


Transgender Model Comes Out To Change Our Perception Of Gender


In her March TED Talk, model Geena Rocero made a stunning revelation: she was identified as a boy at birth, her sex assigned based on her genitalia. But Geena, …


A Guide on the Meanings of 5 Types of Flowers and What They Say about Your Relationship

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Different flowers your loved one give to you can impart different meanings about the relationship. So, if you receive flowers from someone, don’t just take it, …